New York DMV Says There Are Easy Solutions to Eye Vision Test Requirement So Drivers’ Licenses Don’t Get Suspended

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As the New York Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) issues a stern warning to drivers about the impending deadline for vision test, nearly 2,500 individuals in the Finger Lakes region find themselves at risk of license suspension. This measure is part of the state’s commitment to ensuring road safety by verifying that all drivers meet the necessary vision requirements.

Why the Vision Test Deadline?

The DMV’s imposition of a vision test deadline stems from the crucial role good vision plays in safe driving. By necessitating a vision test during the license renewal process, the DMV aims to guarantee that every driver on New York roads possesses clear vision, a fundamental aspect of operating a vehicle safely.

How to Renew Your License:

Renewing your license involves a visit to a DMV office and the successful completion of a vision test. This straightforward eye exam assesses visual acuity and field of vision. Failing the test prompts the need for corrective action, such as wearing glasses or contacts, before license renewal is possible.

Consequences of Failing the Vision Test:

Drivers failing to pass the vision test by the specified deadline face license suspension, rendering them unable to drive until the vision test is successfully retaken and the license reinstated. The potential impact on those reliant on their vehicles for work, education, or medical appointments is substantial.

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Number of Affected Drivers:

The DMV estimates that approximately 2,500 drivers in the Finger Lakes region are at risk of license suspension due to the vision test requirement.

DMV’s Response and Deadline Extension:

To ensure awareness and compliance, the DMV is actively working to inform drivers about the vision test requirement. Additionally, some drivers benefit from an extended deadline, offering them more time to fulfill the necessary testing.

Easy Solutions to Meet the Requirement:

Recognizing the urgency, the DMV emphasizes easy solutions for drivers to meet the eye-test requirement:

  1. Schedule an appointment with an eye doctor.
  2. Visit a DMV office for an on-site vision test.
  3. Request a vision test through the mail using the DMV MV-619 form.

Consequences of License Suspension:

License suspension is a serious matter, potentially impacting one’s daily life and even leading to fines or jail time for driving with a suspended license.

Steps to Avoid License Suspension:

To avoid license suspension, drivers are urged to proactively meet the state’s vision requirements. Scheduling an eye exam, taking corrective action if needed, and adhering to the extended deadline are essential steps.

DMV’s Commitment to Assistance:

The DMV is committed to helping drivers comply with the eye-test requirement. The extension of the deadline and the provision of resources, including information about vision testing locations and a practice vision test, demonstrate the department’s dedication to facilitating compliance.

What Happens if You Fail the Eye Test:

Failing the eye test necessitates corrective action, and drivers must pass the test for license reinstatement. A reinstatement fee of $30 applies.

How to Schedule an Eye Test:

Drivers can schedule an eye test by contacting their eye doctor, visiting a DMV office, or requesting a vision test through the mail.

Additional Information:

For further information, drivers can visit the New York DMV website or contact the DMV at 1-518-474-0550.


The New York DMV’s vision test requirement is a crucial step in ensuring road safety by confirming that all drivers meet the state’s vision standards. While the potential for license suspension exists, the DMV’s proactive measures, extended deadlines, and accessible solutions aim to facilitate compliance and minimize disruptions for affected drivers.

By prioritizing their eye health, drivers can navigate the vision test requirement seamlessly, contributing to safer roads and continued access to essential transportation.

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