The 2023 Government Shutdown: Impact & Implications

A look at how the government shutdown affects federal employees, contractors, and the public

Impact on Federal Employees

Federal employees bear the brunt of the shutdown, with furloughs, lost wages, and suspended benefits

Impact on Contractors

Government contractors face financial uncertainty as contracts are halted, potentially leading to layoffs and business closures

Impact on the Public

The shutdown affects the public through delays in government services and closures of national parks and museums

Specific Examples of Impact

Real-world stories of how individuals and businesses are coping with the 2023 government shutdown

Economic Impact

The shutdown's negative effects on the economy, including job losses, lost revenue, and a dip in consumer confidence.

Impact on Different Industries

Exploring how various sectors, such as tourism, healthcare, and education, are affected

Impact on Different Groups

A look at how veterans, low-income families, and people with disabilities are particularly impacted

Political and Economic Impact

The shutdown's political implications and the economic consequences it carries

How to End & Prepare for a Shutdown

Suggestions on how to help end the shutdown and how to prepare for potential future shutdowns