Layoffs Engulf VMware Following Broadcom Acquisition, Causing Chaos for Partners in Sales Trenches

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In September 2023, the tech industry witnessed a seismic shift as Broadcom successfully acquired VMware in a groundbreaking $61 billion deal, the largest in recent history. The aftermath of this acquisition has been marked by a significant wave of layoffs at VMware, causing turmoil not only among its employees but also sending shockwaves through its extensive partner ecosystem.

The Layoffs and Broadcom’s Cost-Cutting Measures:

The layoffs, reportedly impacting thousands of VMware employees globally, are attributed to Broadcom’s well-known penchant for aggressive cost-cutting measures. While Broadcom justifies these actions by citing the need to eliminate redundancies and streamline operations, critics argue that the company is primarily focused on boosting profits, potentially at the expense of employees and customers.

Impact on VMware Partners:

VMware’s partners are feeling the brunt of the layoffs, expressing concerns about the loss of key personnel and potential changes to the partner program. The uncertainty surrounding VMware’s future under Broadcom’s ownership has led to a decline in communication and support from the company, leaving partners scrambling for stability.

Partner Morale and Challenges:

A recent survey reveals that 80% of VMware partners are anxious about the fallout from the layoffs. The decrease in support, difficulty in contacting VMware representatives, and the overall uncertainty have left many partners disillusioned and disengaged. These challenges, including a decline in partner morale, make it increasingly difficult for partners to effectively conduct business and achieve their goals.

Broadcom’s Integration Plans:

Adding to the chaos is the lack of a clear plan from Broadcom regarding the integration of VMware into its business. The absence of transparent communication has left partners in the dark about the future direction of their relationships with VMware, hindering their ability to plan for the road ahead.

What VMware Can Do to Address the Situation:

To rebuild trust and navigate through this challenging period, VMware must take decisive steps, including:

  1. Clear Communication: Providing partners with transparent and detailed plans for the future under Broadcom’s ownership.
  2. Support for Partners: Offering the necessary support to ensure partners can continue to be successful amid the layoffs and restructuring.
  3. Investment in Training and Development: Enhancing partner training programs to equip them with the skills needed to adapt to the changing landscape.
  4. Creating a Partner-Centric Culture: Fostering a culture that prioritizes and values the contributions of partners to VMware’s overall success.

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The Road Ahead for VMware Partners:

Despite the uncertainty, partners remain committed to working with VMware through this transition. The focus is on supporting customers and finding alternative solutions if necessary. However, clear communication from Broadcom is essential to enable partners to adapt effectively and continue their successful collaborations.


The layoffs at VMware following Broadcom’s acquisition have set the stage for a challenging period of uncertainty and disruption. The company’s ability to address partner concerns, provide transparent communication, and adapt to Broadcom’s integration plans will be crucial in determining its future success. Partners, in turn, are looking for reassurance and a clear path forward to continue their collaborations with VMware in this evolving landscape.

Additional Information:

  • The layoffs reportedly impact thousands of VMware employees globally.
  • Broadcom’s cost-cutting measures aim to achieve $8.2 billion in cost synergies.
  • Partners are grappling with a decline in communication and support from VMware.
  • The lack of a clear integration plan from Broadcom is hindering partners’ ability to plan for the future.
  • Some analysts express concerns about the potential impact of cost-cutting on VMware’s innovation and product development.
  • Despite challenges, partners remain committed to working with VMware and seek transparent communication from Broadcom to navigate the uncertainties effectively.

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