Broward County Schools Closed Due to Heavy Rainfall and Flooding

broward county schools flooding

Broward County, Florida, is currently grappling with the consequences of heavy rainfall and flooding, leading to the closure of Broward County Public Schools (BCPS) on Thursday, November 16, 2023. This decision, made in the interest of safety, has far-reaching implications for students, families, and the community at large. This blog aims to provide a comprehensive overview of the situation, covering school closures, the impact on students and families, responses from other South Florida school districts, and crucial safety tips during severe weather events.

Broward County School Closures

The heavy rain and flooding in Broward County have prompted BCPS officials to prioritize the safety of students, staff, and families, resulting in the closure of all schools on November 16, 2023. This decision reflects the district’s commitment to ensuring the well-being of its educational community in the face of challenging weather conditions.

Broward College has also followed suit, closing its doors on the same day due to the adverse weather conditions. The closure underscores the widespread impact of heavy rainfall, affecting not only primary and secondary education but also higher education institutions.

Monitoring and Decision-Making

BCPS officials are diligently monitoring the situation and will reassess whether schools will reopen on Friday, November 17, 2023. This flexibility demonstrates a commitment to adaptability based on the evolving weather conditions, emphasizing the district’s dedication to keeping stakeholders informed and safe.

Impact on Students, Families, and Education

The closure of BCPS and Broward College has a significant impact on students and families throughout South Florida. Thousands of students are affected, and families may need to make alternative childcare arrangements. The disruption in the academic schedule raises concerns about the potential impact on students’ educational progress. However, BCPS officials emphasize that safety remains the top priority.

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Responses from Other South Florida School Districts

The impact of heavy rainfall and flooding extends beyond Broward County, with other South Florida school districts responding to the weather conditions. Palm Beach County School District (PBCSD) has also closed its schools on November 16, 2023, and, like BCPS, is assessing the situation for possible closures on the following day. In contrast, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) remains open but is closely monitoring the weather for any necessary adjustments.

Safety Tips During Heavy Rain and Flooding

As severe weather events unfold, it is crucial for individuals and families to prioritize safety. Here are some essential tips:

  1. Avoid Flooded Areas:
    • Stay away from flooded streets and areas to prevent accidents and injuries.
  2. Safe Driving Practices:
    • Do not drive through flooded streets; find alternative routes.
    • If driving is unavoidable, be vigilant, and watch for potential hazards.
  3. Indoor Safety:
    • Stay indoors as much as possible during heavy rain and flooding.
    • Avoid using electrical appliances if there is a power outage to prevent accidents.
  4. Personal Protection:
    • If you must go outside, dress in warm and waterproof clothing to stay protected.
  5. Emergency Preparedness:
    • Have an emergency plan in place, including communication and evacuation strategies.


The closure of Broward County schools due to heavy rainfall and flooding underscores the unpredictable nature of weather events and the need for proactive safety measures. As BCPS and Broward College officials monitor the situation, families and individuals must prioritize safety, follow guidelines, and stay informed. The impact of severe weather extends beyond school closures, affecting communities, transportation, and daily life. By adhering to safety tips and remaining vigilant, residents can navigate these challenges and protect themselves during adverse weather conditions.

Additional Resources

For additional information and updates regarding heavy rainfall and flooding, refer to the following resources:

  1. National Hurricane Center
  2. Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

Stay safe, stay informed, and follow the guidance of local officials during severe weather events.

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