NYC Caffe Aronne Coffee Shop Owner Faces Backlash After Posting Support for Israel

NYC Caffe Aronne Coffee Shop

In the heart of the Upper East Side, Caffe Aronne, a beloved coffee shop, recently found itself entangled in a web of controversy. The owner, Aaron Dahan, took to social media to express his support for Israel during the ongoing conflict with Hamas, setting off a chain of events that included a staff walkout, community backlash, and a wider debate on the role of businesses in expressing political stances.

The Instagram Post and Employee Walkout

On October 7, 2023, Dahan shared an image of the Israeli flag with the caption “We stand with Israel. #IsraelWillPrevail.” While Dahan intended to voice his support for Israel, the post triggered a wave of backlash from some of his employees, particularly baristas, who deemed the message divisive and insensitive.

This discontent escalated to a point where a group of baristas chose to walk out of their jobs in protest, citing Dahan’s public stance as a reason for their departure. The incident drew immediate attention from local and national media, thrusting Caffe Aronne into the spotlight.

The Business of Politics: Dahan’s Right to Free Speech

As the controversy gained momentum, Caffe Aronne stepped forward to defend Dahan’s actions, asserting his right to free speech. The company emphasized its commitment to maintaining a welcoming environment for all customers and employees, even as it acknowledged the deep divisions within American society over the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Public Response and Community Support

The public’s reaction to the controversy has been diverse. While some individuals rallied in support of Dahan’s right to express his political views, others criticized him for potentially creating a hostile work environment. Calls for boycotts of Caffe Aronne have emerged, with pledges from some patrons to abstain from visiting the coffee shop until Dahan issues an apology.

In a surprising turn, Dahan also received an outpouring of support from the community. Donations flooded in, allowing Caffe Aronne to reopen with a new team of employees who shared Dahan’s views. This wave of generosity and community backing underscores the complexity of navigating political controversies in a business setting.

Media Attention and Public Discourse

The incident at Caffe Aronne has not only been covered by various news outlets but has also ignited passionate discussions on social media platforms. The broader debate revolves around the extent to which businesses should engage in political discourse, and whether expressing personal views as a business owner can have lasting consequences.

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Impact on Caffe Aronne’s Reputation

Undoubtedly, the controversy has left an indelible mark on Caffe Aronne’s reputation. The coffee shop has faced criticism, boycotts, and a potential loss of customers. The long-term impact on its standing within the community remains uncertain, as the aftermath of such controversies can shape public perception for years to come.

The Deep Divisions Exposed

Beyond the immediate implications for Caffe Aronne, the controversy has laid bare the profound societal divisions surrounding the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. The impassioned responses from both supporters and critics reflect the ongoing challenges of addressing sensitive political issues within the fabric of American society.


Caffe Aronne’s journey through this tumultuous period serves as a case study in the intricate relationship between businesses, political expression, and community dynamics. As the coffee shop reopens its doors with a new team, the aftermath of this controversy will likely continue to reverberate, prompting ongoing discussions about the intersection of personal beliefs, business operations, and the broader social landscape.

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