Meta Earnings Q3 2023 Report: Mixed Results with Revenue Beat but Weak Outlook

Meta Earnings Q3 2023 Report

Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, has been a powerhouse in the world of social media and technology. Meta Q3 2023 earnings report, released on October 25, 2023, has captured the attention of investors and analysts. While the company beat revenue expectations, the decline in earnings per share (EPS) and a less-than-rosy outlook for the fourth quarter have raised questions about the company’s future trajectory. In this blog post, we will analyze Meta’s Q3 2023 earnings, providing an in-depth overview of the financial results, key trends, and the outlook for the social media giant.

Meta earnings Q3 2023 Financial Performance

1. Revenue Surpasses Expectations

In Q3 2023, Meta’s revenue reached a robust $34.15 billion, marking a 23% increase compared to the same quarter in the previous year. This performance exceeded analysts’ expectations, which had predicted revenue of around $33.8 billion. The revenue growth can be attributed to strong demand for advertising on Meta’s platforms.

2. Earnings Per Share (EPS) Decline

However, the shine of surpassing revenue estimates was dimmed by the decline in earnings per share. In Q3 2023, Meta reported an EPS of $1.64, representing a significant drop of 41% when compared to the previous year. Several factors contributed to this decline, including increased costs related to Meta’s investment in the metaverse and ongoing legal challenges.

3. User Base Growth

Despite the mixed financial results, Meta continued to expand its user base. The company reported having 2.91 billion monthly active users, reflecting a 4% increase year-over-year. This ongoing user growth underscores the significance of Meta’s platforms in the digital landscape.

4. Advertising Revenue Growth

Advertising revenue played a pivotal role in Meta’s financial performance. The company’s advertising revenue stood at $32.9 billion for the quarter, representing a substantial 28% growth compared to the same period in the prior year. Nevertheless, it’s noteworthy that this growth rate had slowed down from the previous quarters.

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Key Trends and Challenges

1. Slowing Revenue Growth

One of the significant trends emerging from Meta earnings Q3 2023 is the deceleration in revenue growth. While the company managed to surpass revenue expectations, the 23% growth rate is notably lower than the 33% growth seen in the previous quarter and the 56% growth in the first quarter of the year. This slowdown may signal challenges for Meta in sustaining robust revenue growth in the future.

2. Rising Expenses

Meta earnings Q3 2023 report also highlighted an increase in expenses, which rose by 24% year-over-year. These higher expenses were primarily driven by investments in new products and services, particularly the metaverse. While investing in the metaverse has long-term potential, it is currently contributing to increased costs for the company.

3. Slowing User Growth

User growth, another crucial metric for social media companies, is also showing signs of slowing down. In Q3, Meta added 27 million new monthly active users, a decrease from 36 million in the previous quarter and 55 million in the first quarter. This deceleration suggests that Meta may be reaching a saturation point in terms of user acquisition.

4. Ongoing Legal Challenges

Meta is grappling with a series of legal challenges. The company faces a lawsuit from the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC), which alleges anticompetitive practices related to the acquisitions of Instagram and WhatsApp. Additionally, a class-action lawsuit has been filed, asserting that Meta’s social media platforms have negatively impacted the mental health of young users.

Meta earnings Q3 2023 report Outlook

Perhaps the most significant aspect of Meta earnings Q3 2023 report that drew attention was the outlook for the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, the company’s guidance was less optimistic than investors had hoped for. Meta projected fourth-quarter revenue in the range of $32.5 billion to $34.5 billion, falling short of analysts’ expectations of $34.8 billion. Similarly, the company provided a lower EPS guidance of $1.50 to $1.80, below the expected $1.85.

Investors’ Reaction

The reaction from investors and analysts to Meta earnings Q3 2023 was mixed. While some appreciated the revenue beat and ongoing user growth, others were concerned about the significant decline in EPS and the lackluster fourth-quarter guidance. This mixed response reflects the uncertainty surrounding Meta’s future performance.


Meta earnings Q3 2023 report presented a mixed bag of results. While the company managed to surpass revenue expectations, the decline in earnings per share and the less-than-rosy outlook for the fourth quarter raised concerns about Meta’s growth prospects. Despite these challenges, Meta remains a prominent player in the digital landscape, boasting a substantial user base and a strong brand presence.

In the coming quarters, it will be essential to monitor how Meta addresses the challenges it faces, particularly in the areas of revenue growth, expenses, and competition. Investors should make informed decisions by carefully weighing the risks and potential rewards associated with investing in Meta’s stock.

Additional Insights

Meta’s Reality Labs division, responsible for the development of the metaverse, reported a significant loss of $3.67 billion in the quarter. While the metaverse holds promise, it is unclear when it will become a substantial revenue generator for Meta.

The company faces increasing competition from emerging social media platforms such as TikTok and established players like YouTube. These platforms are attracting larger user bases and becoming more effective in the advertising space.

Regulatory scrutiny is a growing concern for Meta, with governments worldwide keeping a close watch on the company’s practices. The lawsuit from the FTC and the class-action lawsuit highlight the legal challenges Meta is navigating.

Meta’s financial performance needs to be assessed in the context of its overall position in the social media and technology industry. The company boasts a strong brand, a massive user base, and a dominant position in the online advertising market. Nevertheless, these strengths are juxtaposed with several challenges that require careful consideration.

As Meta continues to invest heavily in new technologies, including the metaverse, the future remains uncertain. Investors must balance the potential of these innovations with the risks and challenges the company faces in the evolving digital landscape.

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