A severe crisis looms as Akasa Air grapples with the abrupt resignation of 43 pilots, leading to massive flight cancellations

Flights Grounded

In September, the airline had to cancel 24 flights daily due to the pilots' departures, disrupting operations

Violation of Notice Period

The pilots left without adhering to the mandatory notice periods stipulated in the airline's policies, intensifying the crisis

Legal Action

Akasa Air seeks resolution in Delhi High Court and urges the DGCA to enforce notice period regulations rigorously

Rival Airlines Benefit

Resigned pilots found employment with rival airlines, adding to Akasa Air's challenges and raising ethical concerns

Record Flight Cancellations

Akasa Air anticipates canceling 600-700 flights in the current month alone, after 700 cancellations in August

Seeking Compensation

The airline is considering legal action against departing pilots, seeking Rs 22 crore in compensation for revenue losses

Legal Remedy

Akasa Air publicly announces its intent to pursue legal remedies against pilots who violated their contractual notice periods

Unlawful and Unethical

An airline spokesperson emphasizes that such actions are not only unlawful but also unethical, inconveniencing passengers

Gratitude to Remaining Staff

The airline expresses gratitude to its dedicated staff, highlighting the importance of teamwork and integrity during this challenging time